3 Days in color

I with the lucky 23 participants got to go to the first ever Youth TechCamp in Bangladesh. It was totally a different experience for anyone who attended the camp. I have seen people learn a lot at this camp, not only us, but everyone, even the trainers were listening eagerly to the other trainers’ and our comments.

It was a three days camp from 16th to 18th september 2012. I got to learn about citizen journslism, digital storylines and also about facebook features. Even though we use facebook a lot but I got surprised with facts that there is a lot of things i didnt know about facebook, how can i use it more effectively. I also got to learn how to create and use a blog (which I am doing right now). [Kazi Jahanara Akter Suravi]

The three days that I spent at the TechCamp literally trained me to do a lot of stuffs that I was afraid to try. I never thought that I can actually learn basic coding in 2 hours. Now, I have my own blog and I can shift my writings from facebook to my own blog and now I can show it to the whole world rather than my 950 friends on facebook. I now know about the features and shortcuts of facebook and how to use it to do an effective campaign. I am aware of citizen journalism and will always look out for things that might interest the rest of the world. [Ahnaf S. Salam]

I has always been interested in creating webpage, blogging but, coding is the thing that kept me away from them. Youth Tech Camp is the event that has removed the wall in between me n my wish. Now, I’ve a blog of my own. Only in 3 days! I also has got to learn about digital story writing, citizen & main-stream journalism, and got better detailed knowledge about creating business page on facebook, and many more! Some great citizens were here, learned a lot from them. [Tanim Z. Alam]

YouthTechCamp Bangladesh 2012 is an excellent workshop and I have learnt a lot stuffs in this three days lasting from 16th September to 18th September.  We learnt about social activism; actively taking parts in social events, serving our community through learning the use of technology. We also learn about different way we can do journalism even though we are not mainstream journalists, got ideas and ways to do citizen journalism and digital storytelling. This camp has been an interesting camp and learning different ways to do blogging in this short period of time has really enhanced my knowledge. [Chowdhury Amir Abdullah]

Tech Camp was the first step towards tech possibilities to the youth society of Bangladesh. We think and strongly believe that such initiatives in the future would take our technology platform to a whole new dimention. And we also hope that we can share these knowledge with the socity through technology and media..


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